When we build, let us think that we build for ever.

We are a team of young, stylish, passionate and fashion loving people. A team that experiments, explore new shores, party hard and travels a lot. And yes, we are crazy sometimes but we make sure we win every time. Do you belong to the same breed? If the answer is yes, choose the pack of alike.


The Friendliest people of the organisation; always well dressed, morning or evening, no one can match their energy levels. They talk numbers; they chase numbers. They are the lifeline of the organisation with a mission of making the world look gorgeous.


Yes, as the name says they are the most respected people in the family, and why not all our pocket money routes from their territory. One cannot mess around with they for obvious reason like leave management, compensation, benefit, performance management and off course the increment.


The Geeky nerds who write a language which most of us don’t understand. Yes, we are talking about Java, C#, .net, Python, Magento. They are humans but sometimes they talk like robots. No problem is too big for them as they firmly believe that technology is the solution for each problem.


Craziest of all, the one who never settles, always high on energy; be it vendor management, visual designing, PPT, Excel, storytelling, day dreaming, socializing, relationship building, strategy, PR, always online of Facebook, the one who always creates the drama.


Quirky, stylish and outlandish is how they love to be defined. They act as an extended arm of the sales team and leverage business goals with swag that cannot be missed. They love to showcase their technical skills having multiple years of experience along with multi-geographical exposure. The name educator aptly justify their deep understanding in the field of beauty and glamour. Typically, trainers are multitaskers and work on a pre-defined training calendar that helps in driving brand priorities and imparting technical know-how in a planned way.


They are the real superheroes who get the work done! Hopping from one place to another, getting packages and inventories on time, you name it and they’ll do it! We swiftly align integration of several aspects such as material handling, warehousing, information, transportation, packaging and inventory leaving no room for late comers.


These are the real listeners, acting as the ears of the organisation. They relentlessly work 24*7 and become the voice of customers, business partners and stakeholders. Our central customer care team promptly addresses queries with commitment to quickly resolve issues by providing and delivering high quality service and seamless communications. They love to excel and work on "4P" principles that revolve around Promptness, Politeness, Professionalism and Persuasion.


They play with numbers like it’s a piece of cake for them. Believe us, nobody knows what goes in and out like these accounts moguls do! Whether it’s company’s monetary business or an in house gathering, they will give you the numbers you can rely on. So, are you ready to run the company with your clever skills and generous talks?


The in house “inspectors” keep the company going and emanate a positive picture of our company in the eyes of the world. They live audit, they love audit and make others love audit as well because well, an auditor can build or break a business. So, which side are you on? Wanna join the team of our own personal CBI?
 All works